Run Cluster on Docker

Under the docker directory, a helper tool called is provided to run CubeFS with docker-compose.Please ensure that docker and docker-compose have been installed, and ensure that the firewall is closed before executing docker deployment, so as to avoid permission problems that may cause the container to fail to start.

To start a minimal CubeFS cluster from scratch, note that /data/disk is arbitrary, and make sure there are at least 10G available space.

$ docker/ -r -d /data/disk

If client starts successfully, use mount command in client docker shell to check mount status:

$ mount | grep cubefs

Open in browser, login with admin/123456 to view grafana monitor metrics.

Or run server and client seperately by following commands:

$ docker/ -b
$ docker/ -s -d /data/disk
$ docker/ -c
$ docker/ -m

For more usage:

$ docker/ -h

Prometheus and Grafana confg can be found in docker/monitor directory.