Using the Command Line Interface (CLI) can manage the cluster conveniently. With this unix-like command tool, you can view the status of the cluster and connect api of each module, etc.

As the CLI continues to improve, it will eventually achieve 100% coverage of the APIs of each module.

1. the tool is auto-completion.
2. most data type display as readable.

Compile and Configure

Run make cli at main directory of our project, cli built in ./bin directory.

./bin/cli -c cli.conf will start an unix-like command tool, the flag -c cli.conf is optional. It mainly includes the configuration of some common variables, such as access layer service discovery address, clustermgr service address and so on.

    "access": {
        "conn_mode": 4,
        "priority_addrs": [
    "default_cluster_id": 1,
    "cm_cluster": {
        "1": ""


Cli run as unix command, like:

cli MainCmd SubCmd [Cmd ...] [--flag Val ...] -- [-arg ...]

1 #$> ./cli config set conf-key conf-val
To set Key: conf-key Value: conf-val

2 #$> ./cli util time
timestamp = 1640156245364981202 (seconds = 1640156245 nanosecs = 364981202)
        --> format: 2021-12-22T14:57:25.364981202+08:00 (now)

./bin/cli Start an unix-like command tool program。

'help' show all completed implementations of some modules.
we recommend the behavior as `cmd subCmd ... --flag -- -arg`.

CLI mainly implemented commands blew:



cli config

Manage configurations of the cli program

cli util

Utils, like: location parser, time parser and so on

cli access

File upload, downlod and delete

cli cm

Manage cluster components

cli scheduler

background tasks management

cli …

continuing …


manager memory cache of config

  config [flags]

Sub Commands:
  del   del config of keys
  get   get config in cache
  set   set config to cache
  type  print type in cache


util commands, parse everything

  util [flags]

Sub Commands:
  location  parse location <[json | hex | base64]>
  redis     redis tools
  time      time format [unix] [format]
  token     parse token <token>
  vuid      parse vuid <vuid>


blobstore access api tools

  access [flags]

Sub Commands:
  cluster  show cluster
  del      del file
  ec       show ec buffer size
  get      get file
  put      put file


cluster manager tools

  cm [flags]

Sub Commands:
  cluster    cluster tools
  config     config tools
  disk       disk tools
  listAllDB  list all db tools
  service    service tools
  stat       show stat of clustermgr
  volume     volume tools
  wal        wal tools


scheduler tools

  scheduler [flags]

  -h, --help     display help

Sub Commands:
  checkpoint  inspect checkpoint tools
  kafka       kafka consume tools
  migrate     migrate tools
  stat        show leader stat of scheduler